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Los Angeles, California: Go big and go home: Inside LA’s mansion expansion quest

Los Angeles, California: L.A. Developers Have a Big Problem: Too Many New Megamansions

San Francisco, California: Property Owner Who Tore Down Neutra-Designed House Ordered to Build Exact Replica

San Carlos, California: San Carlos adopts changes to home sizes

San Carlos, California: Debate surrounding home-size rules wearing on in San Carlos

Los Angeles, California: The Hadid-Family Patriarch Is Battling His Bel Air Neighbors Over a Half-Built Mansion

Los Angeles, California: The War of the Los Angeles Megamansions

Los Angeles, California: McMansions are killing L.A.'s urban forest

Los Angeles, California: L.A. council approves limits on McMansions

Los Angeles, California: L.A. lawmakers finalize new measures to curb 'mansionization'

Los Angeles, California: Could the anti-development Measure S tank L.A.'s economy?

Los Angeles, California: L.A. city council votes to limit size of 'McMansions'

Los Angeles, California: L.A. takes a step toward tighter rules to curb mansionization

Los Angeles, California: Lessons from Beverly Grove's successful fight against McMansions

Los Angeles, California: Record $500 million mega-mansion being built in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: L.A. has a growing mansionization problem

Los Angeles, California: No more ‘McMansions’ in Los Angeles for two years, says council

Los Angeles, California: Attempt to tighten 'McMansion' law spurs outcry

Alamo, California: Contra Costa supervisors reject plan for huge home on Alamo hilltop

Montecito, California: 'She's created an uproar': Gwyneth Paltrow enrages neighbors with plans to demolish $5 million mansion to build 'too big, too tall and incompatible California home'

Napa Valley, California: Napa County sees McMansions as farmland threat


Aspen, Colorado: Tony Vagneur: Bigger isn’t always better for houses; it’s time to downsize

Boulder, Colorado: Boulder City Council to provide feedback on large homes, lots project

Aspen, Colorado: Colorado County Ponders Lower Limit on House Size

Aspen, Colorado: Pitkin County’s max home size may be reduced

Aspen, Colorado: New house-size caps for Aspen

Aspen, Colorado: Super-size my house: County's homes twice average size; development rush causes big impact

Boulder, Colorado: Boulder decides against immediate 'McMansion' moratorium

Boulder, Colorado: Boulder abandons McMansion ban - for now

Boulder, Colorado: From the Editorial Advisory Board: McMansions

Boulder, Colorado: Boulder council has 'appetite' for limiting home size in bid to rid Boulder of McMansions

Boulder, Colorado: Boulder compatible development rules take effect for houses Monday

Boulder, Colorado: As monster homes rise, should Boulder trade size for density?

San Juan County, Colorado: County poised to ban trophy homes


Rehoboth Beach, Delaware: Rehoboth cinches large homes with tightened zoning law


St. Petersburg, Florida: In fight against McMansions, Snell Isle residents get a victory—for now

Anna Maria Island, Florida: Anna Maria Island’s beach bungalows, and a way of life, giving way to ‘McMansions’


Honolulu, Hawaii: Mayor Kirk Caldwell allows bill regulating ‘monster’ homes to become law

Honolulu, Hawaii: Neighbors at odds over years-long construction of Kaneohe mega-home

Honolulu, Hawaii: Denby Fawcett: Time To Cut Honolulu’s Monster Houses Down To Size

Honolulu, Hawaii: Mayor signs bill temporarily banning permits for new 'monster houses'

Honolulu, Hawaii: Kaimuki resident documents 'monster' houses

Honolulu, Hawaii: Honolulu City Council Committee advances "monster homes" bill

Honolulu, Hawaii: Monster homes are gobbling up Oahu neighborhoods—and it's all legal

Honolulu, Hawaii: What's with all the big houses? Some are apartment buildings in disguise

Honolulu, Hawaii: The fix to illegal monster homes? Councilman says tear them down

Oahu, Hawaii: ‘Monster houses’ bill is criticized as not addressing the cause of the problem

Oahu, Hawaii: City orders 'monster homes' builder to stop work on 17 projects

Oahu, Hawaii: ‘Monster’ homes continue with total impunity


Boise, Idaho: America's housing crisis is spreading to smaller cities


Chicago, Illinois: Are Chicago home buyers starting to believe less house is more?

Hinsdale, Illinois: The McMansion's day has come and gone


Prairie Village, Kansas: Prairie Village City Council Approves Home Building Guidelines

Prairie Village, Kansas: Prairie Village council sends home construction guidelines to planning commissioners

Prairie Village, Kansas: Prairie Village home teardowns rankle residents

Prairie Village, Kansas: Mayor Laura Wassmer speaks with the Kansas City Star

Prairie Village, Kansas: Big homes, small lots: new rules for tearing down old houses in Prairie Village

Prairie Village, Kansas: Prairie Village is tearing down homes. Is it progress or problem for neighborhoods?

Prairie Village, Kansas: Teardowns have divided Prairie Village. Now residents have a chance to weigh in

Prairie Village, Kansas: Prairie Village residents focus on teardowns, new construction at first of 3 meetings

Prairie Village, Kansas: ‘We don’t want to be Olathe’: Prairie Village planners pass tear-down rules


Bethesda, Maryland: These neighbors spent $2 million to block a McMansion. Will their bet pay off?

Frederick, Maryland: Neighbors rallying against 'McMansion' on Magnolia Avenue in Frederick


Braintree, Massachusetts: Braintree Zoning Changes Have Whole Town Talking

Chatham, Massachusetts: Plan Board Explores Limiting Size Of Residential Structures

Needham, Massachusetts: ‘McMansions’ force downsizers and young families out of Needham

Falmouth, Massachusetts: Accessory Apartment Unravels Plan For Mega-Mansion In Falmouth

Hyannis, Massachusetts: Housing report: Cape on precipice

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro ZBA grants Solomont variance while Letendre withdraws

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro OKs house size limits, pot regulations

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro limits giant houses — just in time

Truro, Massachusetts: Holt blasts ZBA over big house dispute

Truro, Massachusetts: STM to vote on house size limits and pot bylaws

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro to consider limits on house size

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro town meeting approves restriction on house sizes in Seashore

Truro, Massachusetts: Cape Cod town rebels against "starter castles"

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro opens a debate on limiting the size of houses

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro planning board votes to limit Seashore house size

Truro, Massachusetts: Mansion demolition order has Truro residents debating: Building rises over site favored by Edward Hopper

Truro, Massachusetts: Truro house size limit designed to prevent ‘viagratecture’

Provincetown, Massachusetts: Provincetown zoning bylaw decision faces SJC appeal

Provincetown, Massachusetts: Considering character

Chilmark, Massachusetts: Chilmark overwhelmingly passes bylaw to limit home size

Belmont, Massachusetts: Neighbors [show] support for permit for home in Kendall Gardens

Edgartown, Massachusetts: Edgartown planning board faces dilemma on size of mansions

Nantucket, Massachusetts: Judge upholds approval of Hither Creek home

Sharon, Massachusetts: As houses get bigger, Sharon may regulate large dwellings

Boston, Massachusetts: Boston’s new luxury towers appear to house few local residents


Eagan, Minnesota: With zoning change, Eagan tries to encourage building of smaller homes

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Tighter limits on new home sizes clear initial hurdle


Kirkwood, Missouri: Kirkwood home owners battle ‘McMansions’


Montclair, New Jersey: If this Montclair mansion gets built, it will be bigger than the White House

Chatham, New Jersey: Chatham Township Committee Asks Planning Board to Look at Existing Limits on House Size in Relation to Lot Size; 3-2 Vote

Madison, New Jersey: Zoning changes for the greater good

Long Beach Island, New Jersey: As McMansions rise down the Shore, long gone are the humble surf shacks 


Southold, New York: Equal Time: McMansions should not be our future

Brooklyn, New York: Bushwick Community Plan Calls for Changes in Zoning—and in the Process

East Hampton, New York: East Hampton Village house size limits adopted

Southampton, New York: Southampton Village proposes new limits on house height

The Hamptons, New York: Hamptons buyers battle over cheaper homes—that is, under $3.3 million

The Hamptons, New York: Rich Hamptons buyers don't want mega-mansions

Sag Harbor, New York: Sag Harbor Village Board Adopts Law Limiting House Sizes

Sag Harbor, New York: Investors move next door, unsettling a black beachside enclave

Sag Harbor, New York: Historically black beach enclaves are fighting to save their history and identity

Sag Harbor, New York: The battle of Sag Harbor: historic homes, pricey penthouses, and scores of subpoenas

Sag Harbor, New York: New house a 'poster child' for problems cited in Sag Harbor petition

Sag Harbor, New York: Call for Sag Harbor moratorium as neighbors cry foul over reconstruction of Main Street house

The Hamptons, New York: Razing the Hamptons

The Hamptons, New York: Oversized mansions targeted in new laws restricting home size in Hamptons villages

The Hamptons, New York: Hamptons McMansions herald a return of excess

Southampton, New York: Southampton may alter code to limit size of new homes in village

Southampton, New York: Hamptons’ largest home hits the market for $35 million

Sag Harbor, New York: East End effort pops up to counter "not in my backyard" mindset


Dare, North Carolina: Dare Towns Look to Manage ‘Mega-Houses’

Southern Shores, North Carolina: Southern Shores will look at changes to address mega-houses

Southern Shores, North Carolina: Southern Shores Confines Size, But Not Fundamental Values

Southern Shores, North Carolina: Southern Shores sets 6,000-square-foot limit on new houses

Duck, North Caroline: Duck tackles house sizes

Duck, North Carolina: Duck moving to limit house sizes

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina: New bid to limit house sizes in KDH faces an uphill battle


Portland, Oregon: Density vs. livability: public comments on Portland Infill

Portland, Oregon: Plan aims to block new McMansions in Portland

Portland, Oregon: Portland considers anti-McMansion measures

Portland, Oregon: The Portland Plan: down with McMansions, up with abundant housing options

Portland, Oregon: Goodbye McMansions, hello more density?

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon: Columbia Gorge commission reviewing future of scenic area

Wallowa County, Oregon: Battle brewing over ridge top 'trophy homes'


East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania: Millions of Americans are still trapped in debt-logged homes 10 years after the housing crisis brought the nation to its knees


Newport, Rhode Island: Newport neighbors object to proposed chateau-like home

Newport, Rhode Island: Neighbors Object to Planned Chateau House in Newport

Middletown, Rhode Island: Middletown Town Council scraps house height limit proposal

Middletown, Rhode Island: House size limits now up to Middletown council

Middletown, Rhode Island: Proposed change would place limits on size of houses in Middletown

Charlestown, Rhode Island: Planners concerned new rules could McMansion R.I.'s coast

Newport, Rhode Island: Newport house is a pariah, a ‘horror’ to some

Newport, Rhode Island: Newport, a city that loves its mansions, shudders at its newest one

Block Island, Rhode Island: New laws to stop mega houses


West Lake Hills, Texas: West Lake Hills city officials grapple with large homes, look at options to limit house sizes

Spring, Texas: In The Woodlands, a four-year renovation has created a 'monster' house, neighbors say


Zion National Park, Utah: Zion National Park will acquire a private land parcel to fend off any development — but 3,400 acres remain at risk


Seattle, Washington: Seattle Doesn't Want You To Have A Big House

Seattle, Washington: Proposed ban on 'McMansions' would dramatically change Seattle's house-building rules

Seattle, Washington: How ADU legislation could rein in Seattle’s McMansions

Seattle, Washington: Seattle could ban building big houses with new ordinance

Seattle, Washington: New ban on ‘McMansions’ would dramatically change Seattle’s house-building rules

Seattle, Washington: How ADU legislation could rein in Seattle’s McMansions

Seattle, Washington: 'Cursed McMansions' of King County get featured on popular blog

Seattle, Washington: Where Seattle’s Environmental Impact Statement Has Landed For Backyard Cottages

Seattle, Washington: New review could pave way for more backyard cottages in Seattle while restricting ‘McMansions’

Mercer Island, Washington: Mercer Island limits size of single-family homes

Mercer Island, Washington: Mercer Island, land of the luxury home, cracks down on building mansions


Washington, D.C.: Here are the floor plans for Jeff Bezos’s $23 million DC home


Bay View, Wisconsin: 'It's hideous': Bay View residents bristle at towering three-story mansion being built by Ald. Tony Zielinski


Town and Country Magazine: David Adjaye's Message to Architects: Stop Building McMansions

The Wall Street Journal: A Growing Problem in Real Estate: Too Many Too Big Houses

CNN NEWS: Suburban McMansions are out. Ritzy, remote ranches are in

Business Insider: Americans could be killing the McMansion for good



Thorold, Ontario, Canada: Council, staff clash over zoning issues

Reddendale, British Columbia, Canada: Zoning changes will end Reddendale developments, builder says

Reddendale, British Columbia, Canada: New Reddendale planning rules concern house designer

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: New Agricultural Land Reserve regulations take effect

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Province limits homes sizes in ALR

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Province follows Richmond's lead in limiting ALR homes sizes

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: New Agricultural Land Reserve regulations take effect

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada: Coquitlam battles 'illegal apartment buildings'

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Year in review: ALR home sizes shrink

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond council limits ALR homes to 400 square metres

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond council hears from public on farmhouse size

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada: Big families raise concerns over provincial plan to limit size of ALR houses

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond council votes to cut ALR home sizes even further

Delta, British Columbia, Canada: Province finally catches up to Delta on farm mansions

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond council unanimously in favour of bylaw to further limit ALR home sizes

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: Legislation would restrict size of mansions on B.C. farmland

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Province, Richmond move to restrict 'mega-homes' on farmland

British Columbia, Canada: New legislation makes it clear: Farmland is for farming

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: City of Richmond votes in favour of limiting mega-mansions on ALR land

Saanich, British Columbia, Canada: Farmers applaud new restrictions on mega-homes

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada: Most homes being built on Abbotsford farmland exceed new size limits

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: As dreams of home ownership fade, B.C. startup offers shares in Vancouver homes for as little as $1

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Dilapidated homes, leaky condos, and crumbling mansions: Skilled trades shortage paints a bleak picture in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Steele the show: Breton Crellin vs. the luxury housing market

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Province says they are going to stop the private estating of agricultural lands

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: 'There is a problem': Will B.C. try to block mega-mansions on protected farmland?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Mega-mansions threat to farmland, says critic

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: 'We have no alternative': White paper warns lost B.C. farmland could be catastrophic

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: In one of West Vancouver’s nicest neighbourhoods, nobody’s home except dust bunnies and raccoons

Vancouver/Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Metro Vancouver monster home debate springs back to life

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Small-scale farmers drawn into land-use debate in Richmond

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Upcoming legislation will kill Richmond's farm mega-mansions

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Mixed reaction after Richmond approves new home size limits

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: In West Vancouver, ‘monster house’ debate a vicious circle

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond votes to continue to allow so-called 'megahomes' on farmland

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond set to consider more limits on farmland mansions

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond MLAs want city to act on farmland mega-mansions

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Giant monster house under construction in Richmond

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: Richmond is growing McMansions instead of crops on “protected” farmland

Vancouver/Delta, British Columbia, Canada: Province to limit house sizes on farmland

Vancouver/Delta, British Columbia, Canada: Get ready for the North Delta monster house debate

Vancouver/Delta, British Columbia, Canada: Amended Delta zoning bylaw moves forward

Vancouver/Delta, British Columbia, Canada: Delta solution to farm mansions should be followed, says Steves

Vancouver/Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada: Saanich councillors call to stop monster homes being built on farmland

Vancouver/Richmond, British Columbia, Canada: RITE Richmond and Richmond Citizens' Association slates join forces in coalition

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada: House-size limit provokes angry reaction


London, England: Ban on Mayfair ‘mega-homes’

London, England: 'Mega homes' to be banned in central London as Westminster council sets limit on size of new builds 

Blackburn, England: Anger over billionaires' 'McMansion' homes plan in Blackburn

Blackburn, England: 'McMansions' anger in Blackburn


Perth, Australia: The real cost of McMansions - is it time for a rethink?

Canberra, Australia: The new plan to turn Canberra's McMansions into mini unit complexes


Further Reading

The conversation is much broader than house size. The related issues of affordable housing, gentrification, and zoning are interlocking puzzle pieces that each community must grapple with.


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City Commentary: Housing can’t both be a good investment and be affordable

America's housing crisis is spreading to smaller cities

Sonoma Valley Sun: We are the housing crisis

Nestegg: Examine negative gearing, McMansions to address Sydney housing challenge: AECOM Boomtowns need more affordable housing

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The Bay State Banner: City shares creative housing ideas with mayors nationwide Mayor Bowser announces $103 million investment in affordable housing

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The Daily Courier: Yavapai County renters make less than needed to pay for housing, The Times-Picayune: New Orleans' affordable housing problem is bigger than Airbnb

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The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press: As East End faces an affordable housing shortage, there's a call for YIMBY

The Hill: Getting serious about housing affordability

CBS Denver: Telluride puts affordable housing tax issue before voters


Vogue: Three writers on living sustainably in 2018


Sag Harbor, New York: East End effort pops up to counter "not in my backyard" mindset

Bar Harbor, Maine: Cruise ships have made Bar Harbor popular. But have they ruined It?

Beacon, New York: Development in Beacon: What next?

Beacon, New York: Brief moratorium makes sense for Beacon

Barcelona, Spain: Why Barcelona locals really hate tourists

Hamptons, New York: Trophy lawns destroyed this Hamptons pond with poison

Cohasset, Massachusetts: Smith Place condo proposal is too much

Concord, Massachusetts: Concord, MA to be first U.S. town to ban bottled water

Woodstock, Vermont: Vermont town in Budweiser Clydesdale ad fights to save its charm