Michael Wolfe,
High School Science Teacher

Richmond, B.C., Canada

Michael Wolfe.jpg

Congratulations to Michael Wolfe on his recent election to Richmond City Council!
Who’s running in your community?

Briefly describe the situation in your area.

Our city council has voted to allow a maximum house size of 10,764 sq. ft., and a second home of up to 3,229 sq. ft., on properties in the B.C. Agricultural Land Reserve. Many have been allowed to exceed this and build a house over 20,000 sq. ft. This is allowing some of the best arable soils in Canada to be lost from food production.

What are you working to protect?

As a fourth-generation Richmond resident, I'm protecting the value of our land for environmental services and agricultural uses. I grew up small-scale farming on my parents’ property and now I teach my students about agriculture and farming techniques, in science classes.

What is the biggest obstacle you face?

Local farmland owners have shown support for the city council's decision to keep the status quo and in some cases demand no limits to house sizes on farmland.

Is there a leader of your group or is it led by committee?


What is the most important thing you’ve learned since you started working on this issue?

I've learned how close our city council is with the developers of mega-mansions on farmland. This is why I have chosen to run for city council—to replace them and challenge the status quo, for a better future for all.