Articles about communities where house size limits are being debated and explored.

The United States



  • East Bay Times: Contra Costa supervisors reject plan for huge home on Alamo hilltop [6/5/2018]

Los Angeles

  • The Wall Street Journal: L.A. Developers Have a Big Problem: Too Many New Megamansions [5/30/2019]

  • The Real Deal: Go big and go home: Inside LA’s mansion expansion quest [3/12/2019]

  • Vanity Fair: The Hadid-Family Patriarch Is Battling His Bel Air Neighbors Over a Half-Built Mansion [11/14/2018]

  • The Wall Street Journal: The War of the Los Angeles Megamansions [9/6/2018]

  • CityLab: McMansions are killing L.A.'s urban forest [5/4/2017]

  • CBS Los Angeles: L.A. council approves limits on McMansions [3/1/2017]

  • Los Angeles Times: L.A. lawmakers finalize new measures to curb 'mansionization' [3/1/2017]

  • Curbed Los Angeles: Could the anti-development Measure S tank L.A.'s economy? [12/16/2017]

  • Los Angeles Patch: L.A. city council votes to limit size of 'McMansions' [12/7/2016]

  • Los Angeles Times: L.A. has a growing mansionization problem [7/28/2016]

  • Los Angeles Times: L.A. takes a step toward tighter rules to curb mansionization [7/14/2016]

  • City Watch: Lessons from Beverly Grove's successful fight against McMansions [6/30/2016]

  • The Telegraph: Record $500 million mega-mansion being built in Los Angeles [5/27/2015]

  • Los Angeles Daily News: No more ‘McMansions’ in Los Angeles for two years, says council [3/26/2015]

  • Los Angeles Times: Attempt to tighten 'McMansion' law spurs outcry [2/24/2015]


  • Malibu Times: Hundreds Descend on City Hall Monday: Residents Oppose New Restrictions on Home Development Size, Commission Plows Forward [7/3/2019]

  • Malibu Times: From the Publisher: Shootout at the Planning Corral [7/27/2019]


  • Daily Mail: 'She's created an uproar': Gwyneth Paltrow enrages neighbors with plans to demolish $5 million mansion to build 'too big, too tall and incompatible California home' [7/3/2017]

Napa Valley

Redwood City

  • The Daily Journal: Redwood City’s home size rules moving forward [6/20/2019]

  • The Mercury News: Redwood City tries to stop developers building ‘monster homes’ for maximum profit [8/27/2019]

  • CBS SF BayArea: Redwood City Imposes New Guidelines For Oversized ‘Monster Homes’ [8/27/2019]

  • Climate Online Redwood City: Redwood City council passes urgency ordinance aiming to limit home sizes [8/28/2019]

  • The Daily Journal: Redwood City OKs limits on home size [8/28/2019]

  • The Mercury News: After restricting second-story granny units, Redwood City to limit home sizes [7/21/2019]

San Carlos

San Francisco

  • PlanetIZen: Property Owner Who Tore Down Neutra-Designed House Ordered to Build Exact Replica [12/21/2018]

  • Proposed law would limit conversion of rentals to ‘monster’ homes [12/11/2018]

  • San Francisco Chronicle: SF supervisor’s bill takes aim at illegal home demolitions [12/11/2018]

Santa Monica



  • Aspen Times: ‘Rural and Remote,’ the zoning that saved the back of Aspen Mountain from monster homes, turns 25 [10/10/2019]

  • Aspen Times: Paul Andersen: Are land developers shedding bitter tears? [6/30/2019]

  • Aspen Daily News: When is enough, enough? [6/16/2019]

  • Aspen Times: Tony Vagneur: Bigger isn’t always better for houses; it’s time to downsize [5/31/2019]

  • Green Building Advisor: Colorado County Ponders Lower Limit on House Size [3/12/2019]

  • Aspen Times: Pitkin County’s max home size may be reduced [3/4/2019]

  • Aspen Times: Super-size my house: County's homes twice average size; development rush causes big impact [8/6/2006]

  • Aspen Times: New house-size caps for Aspen [5/8/2003]


  • The Daily Camera: Boulder City Council to provide feedback on large homes, lots project [5/25/2019]

  • The Daily Camera: Boulder abandons McMansion ban - for now [10/17/2018]

  • The Daily Camera: From the Editorial Advisory Board: McMansions [9/29/2018]

  • The Daily Camera: Boulder council has 'appetite' for limiting home size in bid to rid Boulder of McMansions [9/25/2018]

  • The Daily Camera: Boulder compatible development rules take effect for houses Monday [12/31/2009]

San Juan County



  • Delaware Online: Rehoboth cinches large homes with tightened zoning law [7/17/2015]


Anna Maria

  • ABC Tampa Bay: Anna Maria leaders worried about "McMansions" on the island [6/5/2019]

  • Bradenton Herald: Anna Maria Island’s beach bungalows, and a way of life, giving way to ‘McMansions’ [5/29/2019]

St. Petersburg

  • Tampa Bay Times: In fight against McMansions, Snell Isle residents get a victory—for now [1/7/2016]



  • Star Advertiser: Mayor Kirk Caldwell allows bill regulating ‘monster’ homes to become law [7/5/2019]

  • Hawaii News Now: Neighbors at odds over years-long construction of Kaneohe mega-home [10/23/2018]

  • Honolulu Civil Beat: Denby Fawcett: Time To Cut Honolulu’s Monster Houses Down To Size [10/2/2018]

  • Hawaii News Now: Monster homes are gobbling up Oahu neighborhoods—and it's all legal [8/3/2018]

  • Hawaii News Now: The fix to illegal monster homes? Councilman says tear them down [5/1/2018]

  • Star Advertiser: Mayor signs bill temporarily banning permits for new 'monster houses' [3/13/2018]

  • Star Advertiser: Kaimuki resident documents 'monster' houses [2/11/2018]

  • Hawaii Public Radio: Honolulu City Council Committee advances "monster homes" bill [1/23/2018]

  • KHON 2: What's with all the big houses? Some are apartment buildings in disguise [2/7/2017]


  • Star Advertiser: ‘Monster houses’ bill is criticized as not addressing the cause of the problem [10/15/2018]

  • Star Advertiser: ‘Monster’ homes continue with total impunity [9/7/2018]

  • Hawaii News Now: City orders 'monster homes' builder to stop work on 17 projects [5/31/2018]



  • HuffPost: America's housing crisis is spreading to smaller cities [5/5/2018]



  • Loop North News: Are Chicago home buyers starting to believe less house is more? [3/24/2019]



Prairie Village

  • KCUR 89.3: Prairie Village City Council Approves Home Building Guidelines [10/1/2018]

  • The Kansas City Star: Prairie Village council sends home construction guidelines to planning commissioners [8/7/2018]

  • The Kansas City Star: Prairie Village residents focus on teardowns, new construction at first of 3 meetings [7/10/2018]

  • The Kansas City Star: Mayor Laura Wassmer speaks with the Kansas City Star [7/5/2018]

  • KCUR 89.3: Prairie Village home teardowns rankle residents [6/13/2018]

  • KCUR 89.3: Big homes, small lots: new rules for tearing down old houses in Prairie Village [6/13/2018]

  • The Kansas City Star: Teardowns have divided Prairie Village. Now residents have a chance to weigh in [6/6/2018]

  • The Kansas City Star: Prairie Village is tearing down homes. Is it progress or problem for neighborhoods? [10/25/2017]

  • The Kansas City Star: ‘We don’t want to be Olathe’: Prairie Village planners pass tear-down rules [6/9/2016]



  • Washington Post: These neighbors spent $2 million to block a McMansion. Will their bet pay off? [12/20/2015]





  • Boston Globe: Boston’s new luxury towers appear to house few local residents [9/10/2018]













  • Boston Globe: As houses get bigger, Sharon may regulate large dwellings [2/23/2012]




  • Star Tribune: With zoning change, Eagan tries to encourage building of smaller homes [3/18/2019]


  • Star Tribune: Tighter limits on new home sizes clear initial hurdle [7/29/2014]



  • KSDK: Kirkwood home owners battle ‘McMansions’ [9/11/2018]

New Jersey


  • Tap Into Chatham: Chatham Township Committee Asks Planning Board to Look at Existing Limits on House Size in Relation to Lot Size; 3-2 Vote [3/5/2019]

Long Beach Island



  • If this Montclair mansion gets built, it will be bigger than the White House [3/20/2019]

New York


  • Bushwick Community Plan Calls for Changes in Zoning—and in the Process [9/26/2018]

The Hamptons

  • Bloomberg: Hamptons buyers battle over cheaper homes—that is, under $3.3 million [10/26/2017]

  • Bloomberg: Rich Hamptons buyers don't want mega-mansions [8/11/2017]

  • New York Times: Razing the Hamptons [4/14/2017]

  • Newsday: Oversized mansions targeted in new laws restricting home size in Hamptons villages [6/7/2015]

  • New York Times: Hamptons McMansions herald a return of excess [8/26/2013]


Sag Harbor

  • Sag Harbor Express: East End effort pops up to counter "not in my backyard" mindset [1/10/2018]

  • Washington Post: Historically black beach enclaves are fighting to save their history and identity [7/27/2017]

  • New York Times: Investors move next door, unsettling a black beachside enclave [8/25/2016]

  • Vanity Fair: The battle of Sag Harbor: historic homes, pricey penthouses, and scores of subpoenas [7/13/2016]

  • 27East: Sag Harbor Village Board Adopts Law Limiting House Sizes [4/26/2016]

  • Sag Harbor Express: Call for Sag Harbor moratorium as neighbors cry foul over reconstruction of Main Street house [5/6/2015]

Shelter Island


  • Newsday: Southampton may alter code to limit size of new homes in village [2/25/2018]

  • New York Post: Hamptons’ largest home hits the market for $35 million [7/10/2017]

  • 27East: Southampton Village proposes new limits on house height [6/28/2015]


North Carolina



Kill Devil Hills

Southern Shores


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

  • Sustainable Life: Columbia Gorge commission reviewing future of scenic area [5/31/2018]


  • Koin6: Density vs. livability: public comments on Portland Infill [5/15/2018]

  • CNU Public Square: Portland considers anti-McMansion measures [11/23/2016]

  • Sightline Institute: The Portland Plan: down with McMansions, up with abundant housing options [11/15/2016]

  • Portland Tribune: Goodbye McMansions, hello more density? [6/9/2016]

Wallowa County


East Stroudsburg

  • Financial Post: Millions of Americans are still trapped in debt-logged homes 10 years after the housing crisis brought the nation to its knees [9/15/2018]

Rhode Island

Block Island


  • EcoRI: Planners concerned new rules could McMansion R.I.'s coast [6/14/2018]



  • The Providence Journal: Newport neighbors object to proposed chateau-like home [12/11/2018]

  • US News: Neighbors Object to Planned Chateau House in Newport [12/11/2018]

  • The Providence Journal: Newport house is a pariah, a ‘horror’ to some [1/15/2017]

  • New York Times: Newport, a city that loves its mansions, shudders at its newest one [12/4/2016]



  • Houston Chronicle: In The Woodlands, a four-year renovation has created a 'monster' house, neighbors say [5/15/2018]

West Lake Hills


Zion National Park

  • The Salt Lake Tribune: Zion National Park will acquire a private land parcel to fend off any development — but 3,400 acres remain at risk [10/8/2018]



  • ARLNow: Teardowns and McMansions - Can We Do More Than Talk About It? [6/24/2019]


Bainbridge Island

  • Kitsap Sun: Bainbridge man's yearlong 'McMansion' protest gets a national stage [8/5/2019]

  • The New York Times: "McMansion Blight, Thats My Brand” [7/28/2019]

Mercer Island

  • My Northwest: Mercer Island limits size of single-family homes [9/20/2017]

  • Seattle Times: Mercer Island, land of the luxury home, cracks down on building mansions [9/20/2017]


  • Desert News In-Depth: As Seattle cracks down on McMansions, a question lingers: Are huge homes morally wrong?

  • Seattle Times: Seattle City Council okays more and larger backyard cottages; Restricts McMansions [7/1/2019]

  • My Northwest: Seattle council approves ‘McMansion’ ban, backyard cottage proposal [7/1/2019]

  • My Northwest: ‘McMansion’ ban, new rules for backyard cottages enter home stretch [6/19/2019]

  • Capitol Hill Seattle Blog: ‘Smaller homes, and more of them per lot’ [6/18/2019]

  • KUOW: Seattle bill pits McMansions against backyard cottages [6/13/2019]

  • Seattle Doesn't Want You To Have A Big House [5/31/2019]

  • Northwest News: Proposed ban on 'McMansions' would dramatically change Seattle's house-building rules [5/30/2019]

  • KIRO-TV: Seattle could ban building big houses with new ordinance [5/29/2019]

  • Seattle Times: New ban on ‘McMansions’ would dramatically change Seattle’s house-building rules [5/29/2019]

  • Curbed Seattle: How ADU legislation could rein in Seattle’s McMansions [5/7/2019]

  • Seattle Pi: 'Cursed McMansions' of King County get featured on popular blog [11/1/2018]

  • Sightline Institute: Where Seattle’s Environmental Impact Statement Has Landed For Backyard Cottages [10/5/2018]

  • Seattle Times: New review could pave way for more backyard cottages in Seattle while restricting ‘McMansions’ [10/4/2018]

Washington, D.C.

  • Washingtonian: Here are the floor plans for Jeff Bezos’s $23 million DC home [4/22/2018]


Bay View

  • Journal Sentinel: 'It's hideous': Bay View residents bristle at towering three-story mansion being built by Ald. Tony Zielinski [1/14/2019]


Jackson Hole


British Columbia

  • BC Gov News: New legislation makes it clear: Farmland is for farming [11/5/2018]


  • The Abbotsford News: Most homes being built on Abbotsford farmland exceed new size limits [11/8/2018]





  • Western Investor: Province follows Richmond's lead in limiting ALR homes sizes [2/26/2019]

  • Vancouver Courier: Province limits homes sizes in ALR [2/25/2019]

  • CBC News: New Agricultural Land Reserve regulations take effect [2/23/2019]

  • Richmond News: Year in review: ALR home sizes shrink [12/24/2018]

  • Richmond News: Richmond council limits ALR homes to 400 square metres [12/19/2018]

  • Richmond News: Richmond council hears from public on farmhouse size [12/16/2018]

  • Richmond News: Richmond council votes to cut ALR home sizes even further [11/14/2018]

  • CBC News: City of Richmond votes in favour of limiting mega-mansions on ALR land [11/7/2018]

  • Richmond News: Richmond council unanimously in favour of bylaw to further limit ALR home sizes [11/6/2018]

  • News 1130: Province, Richmond move to restrict 'mega-homes' on farmland [11/5/2018]

  • Richmond News: RITE Richmond and Richmond Citizens' Association slates join forces in coalition [9/21/2018]

  • Richmond News: Upcoming legislation will kill Richmond's farm mega-mansions [8/15/2018]

  • Richmond is growing McMansions instead of crops on “protected” farmland [6/27/2018]

  • The Star: Small-scale farmers drawn into land-use debate in Richmond [5/27/2018]

  • Global News: Richmond votes to continue to allow so-called 'megahomes' on farmland [5/15/2018]

  • The Globe and Mail: In West Vancouver, ‘monster house’ debate a vicious circle [5/12/2018]

  • Vancouver Sun: Richmond set to consider more limits on farmland mansions [3/25/2018]

  • Business In Vancouver: Richmond MLAs want city to act on farmland mega-mansions [1/23/2018]

  • Global News: Giant monster house under construction in Richmond [1/4/2018]

  • News 1130: Mixed reaction after Richmond approves new home size limits [5/17/2017]


  • Times Colonist: Farmers applaud new restrictions on mega-homes [11/7/2018]

  • Vancouver Courier: Saanich councillors call to stop monster homes being built on farmland [6/24/2018]


  • CBC News: Big families raise concerns over provincial plan to limit size of ALR houses [11/26/2018]

  • CBC News: House-size limit provokes angry reaction [12/6/2006]


  • Global News: As dreams of home ownership fade, B.C. startup offers shares in Vancouver homes for as little as $1 [9/25/2018]

  • Price Tags: Province says they are going to stop the private estating of agricultural lands [8/17/2018]

  • The Star: In one of West Vancouver’s nicest neighbourhoods, nobody’s home except dust bunnies and raccoons [6/24/2018]

  • ThinkPol: Dilapidated homes, leaky condos, and crumbling mansions: Skilled trades shortage paints a bleak picture in Vancouver [5/23/2018]

  • CTV News: 'There is a problem': Will B.C. try to block mega-mansions on protected farmland? [5/15/2018]

  • CBC News: 'We have no alternative': White paper warns lost B.C. farmland could be catastrophic [3/7/2018]

  • The Lynda Steele Show: Breton Crellin vs. the luxury housing market [2/20/2018]

  • The Tyee: Mega-mansions threat to farmland, says critic [5/24/2017]

  • Vancouver Sun: Metro Vancouver monster home debate springs back to life [2/25/2015]


  • Vancouver Sun: Legislation would restrict size of mansions on B.C. farmland [11/15/2018]




  • Hamilton News: Ancaster's new "monster" home bylaw could be scary for neighbourhoods, says resident [8/1/2019]


  • NewmarketToday: Bigger not better in Newmarket as building ban takes effect [2/25/2019]

  • NewmarketToday: Residents' plight tests Newmarket's temporary monster home ban [3/20/2019]

  • NewmarketToday: Newmarket's building ban on 'monster homes' extended [9/24/2019]

United Kingdom



  • The Times: Anger over billionaires' 'McMansion' homes plan in Blackburn [5/31/2018]


  • Spear’s Magazine: Ban on Mayfair ‘mega-homes’ [11/14/2018]

  • The Telegraph: 'Mega homes' to be banned in central London as Westminster council sets limit on size of new builds [11/13/2018]


Western Australia


  • ABC Radio Focus: The real cost of McMansions - is it time for a rethink? [4/7/2019]

Australian Capital Territory


  • The Canberra Times: The new plan to turn Canberra's McMansions into mini unit complexes [5/28/2018]